AmberAmber LED Displays
BlueBlue LED Displays
CWCeiling/Wall Mount Bracket
GreenGreen LED Displays
J220 VAC/50 Hz Operation: The unit is configured to operate from 220 VAC line voltage. 117 VAC 50/60 Hz is standard.
NTP-CNTP Client: NTP Client Displays synchronize exclusively with an NTP server (replaces all standard inputs).
PoEReceives 48V operating power via Ethernet cable.
TZTime Zone Offset: Internal DIP switch allows the hours (and half-hour) to be independently offset to any time zone.
UL"UL" Approved Power Supply: The unit is supplied with a UL/CSA approved wall mount power supply.
W3-Wire Power Cord: Recommended where static charges can occur. Standard on many units, otherwise a 2-wire cord is supplied.